COVID-19 Update

Business update.

Our updates for orders is as follows. Due to reduced staff hours. We will ship only once or twice a week for most non gun/non barrel orders. So expect a shipping delay from our usual 48 hrs to worse 96 hours. Expect CS delays until the lockdown is officially lifted.

Barrel r hop orders still maintain a time frame of roughly 2-3 weeks from date of purchase.

As for rifles, we recently received nearly all the supplies to complete and finish all existing orders as of today in the following month.

We batch our production queues based on brands, i.e. "VFC, Krytacs and G&G"

Most VFC based/OCAW orders that was ordered from 2 weeks ago and beyond will be sent in the next week or 2.

From there we will prioritize the Krytac orders placed 2 weeks ago and beyond to be shipped out in about 3 weeks.

G&G orders from 4 weeks ago and beyond have been mostly shipped out. Depending how the situation unfolds we wont start the next batch until at least a month.

Obviously we had to delay the launch of upgraded KWA at this time.

Our goal is to bring orders as soon as possible to customers whilst staying as safe as possible.

This is certainly not an easy time for us and every bit of patience and support helps, on behalf of everyone at Umbrella Armory, thank you.

So far no one at Umbrella as developed any symptoms relating to the virus, however we take precautions as if we do.

We take the spread of this Covid 19 virus very seriously as should you. Stay safe, take care of your friends and family. Let us not forget our humanity during this pandemic. Be kind to strangers and neighbors and lets all have each others' back. We are all still Americans. -Jordan Pham

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