December 2020 Lead Times Update

December 2020 Lead Times Update

December 2020 Lead Times Update

This year has been crazy but we are finally closing in on the end of 2020. We have some good news, in that we believe that orders for our custom guns, gearboxes, and barrels should not be delayed much further. 

Right now with most of our custom gun orders, we are going to be getting them out within approximately 4 weeks. Some exceptions here (You may already have been in contact with us or about to be), but almost all orders for our guns placed during last week's Black Friday/Cyber Wednesday Sale should expect their guns to be shipped within approximately 4 weeks of purchase date. We are doing everything we can possibly do to get guns out by Christmas; but we will be cutting it close and I am certain there are going to be a few that will not be shipped by then and may be sent by New Years. 

I will notify all customers who will not be receiving their gun in time for Christmas when I can confirm it. Earliest I will know for certain is by the 16th (our techs have an insane workload at the moment and are working overtime to get guns built while maintaining strict quality control.) so stay tuned by then.

If that is the case, and I email you that your order is going to be delayed past Christmas, I will have some options for you such as:

  • An Umbrella Armory Care Package with some UA merch, unrelated gifts, gift cards, hand written letter from our team, and more so we can provide something for that special someone to receive Christmas day in case their gun is not ready. 
  • Alternative guns. Currently we are building guns out in batches by models sorted by purchase date and part availability. This has proven most effective for our production but in case your specific model will not allow your order to arrive in time, I will inform you of that and let you know if there are alternative gun models I can get to you sooner. 
  • Order cancellation/refund. As always, we allow customers to be able to cancel their order if it has not been shipped for a 100% refund.

Gearboxes should arrive in time within 2 weeks as well as our Prometheus R-Hop barrels. 

UA x JP R-Hop Barrels are back ordered significantly still. 

Other part/accessory orders should be shipped within 2 business days. 

Going forward though, any Guns purchased after the date of this update (December 2nd 2020) should expect an approximate lead time of 4 weeks. As long as no more last minute setbacks from our suppliers interfere with that.

Nonetheless feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding your order status/lead times. I have been able to get back to inquiries more quickly recently so you should be able to definitely expect a response within 2 business days at the latest. Should be noted though before reaching out, there is little information I can provide on your specific order status as we continue building them in batches but if you just want to stay in touch anyways I do not mind at all :) 

We got some more products coming up pretty soon so be on the look out via our Instagram @umbrellaarmory and newsletter.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding and we appreciate any feedback you may have.

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