Umbrella Armory Upgrade Service Instructions

Umbrella Armory Upgrade Service Instructions

Umbrella Armory Upgrade Service Instructions

After checking out with one of our listed upgrade service packages, follow these instructions to proceed with your upgrade:


Note: Failure to follow any instructions may result in cancellation of your upgrade request and a refund with up to a 30% restocking fee. Email us if you have any questions at

No attachments, accessories, etc.

We are not responsible for any extra goodies you include with your Airsoft gun. Please do not include anything else except just the gun and the further described documentation. You may keep the stock on. Please do not send your rifle disassembled.

Drop off arrangements.

If you are local, you may drop off the rifle at our showroom. Please contact us via email to arrange a drop off appointment if you would like. If you check out with in store pick up, we will notify you when your upgrade is completed and arrange a date/time.

Legal compliance.

As a reminder,  by both Federal and our local State law to the rifle we are required to have incoming rifles arrive to our shop with:

- An Orange Muzzle tip installed as required by Federal Law (link here)

- Orange or other neon color tape wrapped around the stock, motor grip, and trigger guard as required by our local California state law SB-199 (link here).
- Check local laws to see if you need further compliance measures taken.

Packaging Instructions
  1. Print a copy of your invoice which is accessed by logging into your account on our website and looking under order history; or search your email inbox for the order confirmation from us. Let us know if you are having difficulty accessing this.
  2. Print a copy of any additional email correspondence you have had with us regarding this upgrade (specifically in regards to any special alteration notes discussed).
  3. Ensure your rifle does not have a battery or magazine installed. Also please make sure that the rifle is compliant with the Federal, California (mentioned above), and any of your local Airsoft law configuration standards. 
  4. Package only your rifle and the above mentioned documents into your gun case/bag/box that you would normally transport the rifle in (Please no other items included, as we are not responsible for anything else floating around in your gun case/bag/box).
  5. Pack your gun case/bag/box into a shipping box carefully and ensure there is minimal movement of the gun case/bag/box inside the shipping box to avoid damage. Ensure it is taped securely.
  6. On the outside of the shipping box please write with a sharpie or marker your order number (#SH-XXXX)


Once you have followed all the steps above, please:

  1. Ship the package to
    Umbrella Armory LLC
    Upgrade Services
    3857 Schaefer Ave, Ste. H
    91710 Chino, CA
  2. Send the tracking information (carrier and ID) to us at directly for tracking, as well as your desired return address, contact, and phone number.


We will most realistically get the rifle back out to you within 2-3 weeks from when we receive it. Once the upgrade has been completed, we will mark it Fulfilled within our system and you will either receive a tracking number notification or pick up ready notification emailed to you. Your rifle will be dispatched to the address you ordered with, please let us know immediately if your address has changed, our customer support may take up to 2 business days before getting your request.


If we find there is a problem or discrepancy with your order we will let you know via email. However, please keep in mind if you did not follow the listed instructions or your rifle is not the one ordered with, we may send it back and cancel your upgrade without notice.

Please ask us any questions if you have any, we are happy to help. 

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