Mission packages designed for your playstile

  • CQBR
  • DMR


Umbrella CQBR rifles are designed for those looking for the fastest rate of fire and trigger response in ultra close engagements. Most of these rifles incorporate an incredibly effective DSG build that is designed for outputting an overwhelming amount of firepower. While being a truly reliable build for the fastest Airsofters, these rifles spit fear and intimidation into anyone on the receiving end.


Umbrella Carbine rifles are designed to perfectly balance speed and reliability while putting a major focus on versatility in changing environments. We made these rifles perfect for short to long range engagements in which accuracy, range, and rounds per second will give you the upper hand.


Umbrella RECCE rifles offer precision and speed with reliability, while offering a solution for those wanting a truly effective mid to long range Airsoft rifle with agility and flexibility when the going gets tough. These rifles are key for any Reconnaissance oriented 'Missions'.


Umbrella DMR rifles are designed to outrange almost any other rifle on the battlefield. This platform is the holy grail in terms of efficiency and performance, requiring every possible modification and utmost attention to details. Enhancing accuracy and effective range in a semi-automatic platform gives you superior fire power against any long range opponent. We have beefed up the internals to achieve an extremely fast trigger response alongside an unprecedentedly short trigger pull which ensures consistency, precision, and reliability.