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4-6 Weeks Build Time
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Out of EXTREMLEY popular request, we are bringing back the MP5 platform, known officially as the CYMA SMG9. There are slight differences present. This doesn't utilize a proprietary MP5 gearbox, this uses CYMA's Standard Platinum V2 Gearbox. CYMA's SMG9 also doesn't utilize a standard MP5 stock, it comes with 3 options of stock's listed below. We normally would have 2 variants of triggers, one being the high speed variant with a Maxx Adjustable Speed Trigger, and another with Perun's 2 Stage Clicker Trigger. However since this platform has it's own proprietary trigger we are only offering this build with the Perun 2 Stage Clicker Trigger. 
Though CYMA got many things right with this platinum series of gearbox, we also did see areas where we considered to be cutting costs unnecessarily. "Low profile" bearings should -always- be avoided whenever possible, as they rate about 33% weaker than normal. CYMA had an odd choice with their sector gear. We noticed some excessive FPS drop off due to the sector/tappet timing being off. Here at Umbrella we specialize with high ROF builds and this is no different, our specific modifications allow for accurate fire in either Semi or Full Auto fire. 
This build gets the full love that our other CYMA's get, 
Internal Upgrades:

Perun Hybrid V2 MOSFET
Perun Clicker (Pre Tuned)
Warhead Brushless Motor
Prometheus 6.03mm MP5 Length Lapped R-hop 3.0 Barrel w/ M-nub**
UA 8mm Caged Bearings 
SHS 13:1 Sector Gear Short Stroke 3
CNC POM Air Nozzle w/ O-ring

Stock Options: Compact PDW Stock, Standard M4 Stock, Standard PDW Push In Stock

Performance Specs

33+ RPS w/ 11.1v Lipo

395 +/- 1.5 w/0.20g BB


Length: Approx. 615-715mm
Weight: 3260g
Inner Barrel: ~225mm
Magazine Capacity: 130rd Mid-Capacity. Works with Matrix, Tokyo Marui and other compatible MOD5 / MP5 Series Airsoft AEG Magazines
Gearbox: UA Upgraded Cyma V2 Gearbox
Motor: Long Type
Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Battery: 11.1v Stick Type LiPo recommended (Wired to stock w/ Standard Deans. Battery not included)