Surplus G&G Stock G2 & G1 18:1 Gearsets

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Gear Type

Important Read First

This consists of gears pulled from BRAND NEW G&G guns, GEARS ARE SOLD IN SINGLES, NOT FULL SETS. They will have some grease on them, and very little cycle wear from factory QC testing.


G2 Gearsets, are a little different from "TM" Spec standard gearsets. The differences are as follows.

Gear Generation Gear Type (18:1) Notes
G1 Sector Standard TM Spec, 16 tooth
G1 Spur Standard TM Spec (WILL NOT FIT IN G&G G2)
G1 Bevel "10 Teeth" Same Material type as G2 / Lacks Branding
G2 Sector Standard TM Spec, 13 Tooth (-3 Short Stroke)
G2 Spur Shortened Shaft, will fit Krytac gearboxes as well
G2 Bevel "10 Teeth" Same Material Type as G1 / Has "G2" Laser Etch

G1 and G2 Bevels are Identically the same, except for the "laser etching" Due to this Umbrella Armory will randomly issue either a G1 or G2 Bevel for shipment.