UA CYMA Mutant 10.5"

Type: Gun
Trigger Type

4-6 Weeks Build Time

We upgraded this rifle because, we noticed a few issues we wanted to address and improve. First the AoE is no where near corrected. During stress testing this was considered a fatal flaw as excessive damage could be seen on the pickup tooth of the piston, eventually leading to its failure. Though CYMA got many things right with this platinum series of gearbox, we also did see areas where we considered to be cutting costs unnecessarily. "Low profile" bearings should -always- be avoided whenever possible, as they rate about 33% weaker than normal.
CYMA had an odd choice with their sector gear. We noticed some excessive FPS drop off due to the sector/tappet timing being off. Here at Umbrella we specialize with high ROF builds and this is no different, our specific modifications allow for accurate fire in either Semi or Full Auto fire. This build was taken with extreme testing, over the course of a couple weeks of semi and full auto fire in our range. It was then opened, cleaned, regreased and closed again.

We did notice some excessive inconsistency between the MOSFET, some would work yet most of them gave odd issues when paired with a brushless motor. As a result, we opted for the Perun Hybrids to allow for advanced features with low resistance wiring.


Internal Upgrades:

  • Perun Hybrid V2 MOSFET
  • Warhead Brushless Motor
  • Lapped 6.03mm Prometheus Barrel w/ R-hop
  • UA 8mm Caged Bearings 
  • Maxxpro Red trigger (Pre-Tuned)
  • SHS 13:1 Gearset (Retuned Sector Timing)
  • SHS 15T Piston
  • Lonex POM Piston Head
  • Lonex V2 Cylinder Head
  • CNC POM Air Nozzle w/ O-ring
  • Reshimmed

Performance Specs

  • 30+ RPS w/ 11.1v Lipo 
  • 395 FPS +/- 3  w/0.20g BB

Package Includes:

1x UA CYMA Mutant 10.5"
1 "AK" Style Magazine
Batteries NOT Included

Will Ship with Orange Tip

Note: Free FPS fine tuning within 25 fps/0.2 joules if needed specific FPS/Joule with specific BB weight. Please add this request in the order notes at checkout.