UA 'Bert' AEG Piston Ultra Light Nylon Carbon Fiber

Type: Part

Introducing Bert, the meticulously crafted result of years of piston testing. Over the past decade, we've diligently examined numerous piston options, with the SHS Swiss Cheese piston standing out as a reliable choice, especially when fine-tuned. Achieving exceptional strength in a piston isn't the most challenging part; the true difficulty lies in achieving maximum weight savings while maintaining structural integrity.

In earlier times, Swiss cheesing involved manual labor, employing a simple drill bit and an ample amount of patience. Striving to reduce the weight of a standard piston from 9g to 5g often led to a precarious balance between bolstering Rate of Fire (ROF) and FPS stability versus durability.

Ordinary piston assemblies generally tip the scales at a substantial 28-32g on average, considerably limiting the attainable maximum ROF and placing excessive strain on the gearbox's front end.

Enter Bert.

Bert is an ingeniously overengineered piston, created via FDM 3D Printing within a temperature-regulated enclosure. It is purposefully designed to manage a spaced SP170 in both Single Sector Gear (SSG) and Dual Sector Gear (DSG) configurations. Remarkably, it can withstand multiple PME impacts without succumbing to body failure. In its current form, the likelihood of damaging a gear tooth or bearing outweighs the possibility of piston failure, particularly if users persistently disregards PME signals during the cycling process.

With the Umbrella Bert Piston Body, combined with lightweight adjustments like teeth deletion, plastic AoE shims, and the removal of the thrust bearing from the Piston Head, you can attain an overall piston weight of under 18g. This facilitates accelerated piston movement, translating into heightened velocity, FPS, and PSI spikes within the cylinder. In real-world trials, our piston, alongside these lightweight modifications, achieved an impressive 17.9g weight and 20fps increase compared to the SHS Swiss Cheese Piston, which, with similar modifications, only reached 19.87g. This success can be attributed to the approximately 10% reduction in overall weight.

Fabricated from Nylon reinforced Carbon Fiber filament, this material boasts exceptional durability over time.

Bert's design accommodates the use of existing SHS MIM Piston Teeth with minor adjustments. Broken SHS Pistons are a common experience among technicians, often due to PME or other damage, yet the teeth usually remain in pristine condition. In this scenario, Bert breathes new life into those piston teeth, providing them with a renewed purpose.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Nylon Carbon Fiber
  • Post-print heat tempering for maximum strength and unibody layer adhesion.
  • Incredibly lightweight, under 5.3g Body Weight
  • 20% lighter than the SHS Swiss Cheese, 40% lighter than a full piston
  • Reinforced Front and Rear Rack
  • Reduced Gearbox front impact impulse
  • Yields a +2-4% FPS improvement
  • Compatible with SHS Piston Steel Rack**
  • Endures Sub-Zero Cycle Testing
  • Exceptional Grease Retention
  • Precise dimensions ensure stable fit and smooth movement
  • Limited Time Warranty: Break it within the first 30 days, and we'll replace it for free**

Additional Information:

  • SHS 14.5T Racks undergo modifications, including the removal of the "second tooth" and the half-angle cut of the "Third" tooth, secured with rubber glue.
  • SHS DSG Racks receive similar adjustments to the 14.5T version, and all teeth after the 8th tooth are removed.

**Evidence of failure and build setup report required for a free replacement.

***Version '9-1'

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Can’t wait until they have these prebuilt as they are amazing. Super light and durable